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Animal Assisted Therapy

It is believed that a cow’s warmer body temperature, slower heartbeat and large size can make hugging them a human stress reducer by elevating oxytocin, the hormone released in social bonding. Psychotherapy and cow hugging in a natural environment are interconnected. You won’t think of yesterday or tomorrow when hugging a cow.

mask cow

Mask taught me something wonderful a few years ago. I will share her story as an introduction to Purposefully Unplugged.

I lived an exceptionally busy and stressful life.

While feeding her one day, she ‘hifted’ me. This happens when a cow takes their head and moves your body.
It was a strong and solid hift!


Through animal assisted therapy, you will learn that an animal can mirror your behaviour and responses. She did that for me that day. I was able to become more aware and personally responsible. I then spent a great deal of time working with her. I came to realize that she was responsive to my voice and to sign language. She loves to be brushed and petted and will accept treats. Kale and red apples are her favourites.

Her message to me to STOP, BREATHE, and REFOCUS, has become our message for you, if you wish to receive it and experience it at Purposefully Unplugged. If you are interested in interacting with Mask, please be aware that a therapeutic relationship with Lori is vital first. Screening required, and Mask works only by appointment.